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Bioenergetic Medicine

Bioenergetic Medicine ~ Use of your body’s internal energy to restore

Inside of every human being is an intelligent, energetic system that maintains health and balance. Bioenergetic medicine assists the body by restoring balance within so that it may heal. To understand how Bioenergetic medicine works; we must have a basic understanding of energy.

decorative photoEinstein showed us that everything is made of, and radiates, energy. This subtle form of energy supports, shapes and enlivens our physical body and activates our lives. Numerous cultures have described this energy and called it by many names: prana, baraka, pneuma, spirit, wakan, material force, vital force, orgone, ether and ruach. According to Ted Kaptchuk, author of “The Web That Has No Weaver,” Qi [pronounced chee] is matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at the point of materializing.

As renowned energy healer Donna Eden states: “Energy medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being. It combines a rational knowledge and intuitive understanding of the energies in the body and in the environment.”

At Gulf Coast Acupuncture, we use a combination of different modalities to work with disorders of the energy systems in the body. Those modalities of Bioenergetic Medicine include: Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, and NAET.

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